What features are available on a Risk Memo digital checklist?

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Risk Memo offers a flexible digital checklist system that simplifies and enhances data capture and management. Features like multiple question types, image annotation, dynamic repeating sections, and seamless collaboration allow teams to handle inspections, equipment records, and HR-related tasks efficiently. The platform's integration capabilities and offline functionality further streamline operations, making it a powerful tool for adventure centres. Explore the benefits of digitising checklists and how Risk Memo can transform your processes.

We have built Risk Memo with flexibility in mind, which means you can convert any checklist to our system. You will also get access to our Template Library with several example checklists you can use for free. We’ve laid out the contents of some of these, such as the Vehicle Inspection Checklist here, the PPE Inspection here, and Fire Risk Assessment here.

But what are the benefits of a digital checklist system? Well, here are 8 examples of what you can do when you digitise your checklists on Risk Memo:

  1. Include multiple question types to capture relevant data, such as checkbox, multiple choice, image, text, digital signatures and more. More details here.
  2. Attach and annotate images. Describe issues fully by capturing images from your device and annotating (drawing on) them to highlight issues.
  3. Use Risk Memo’s Search Tag System to search and segment your checklists. Tag your teams' responses to search and filter all of their checklists.
  4. Attach equipment records to any checklist to log them in the equipment’s inspection history. Similarly, with HR-related checklists, add a team member to it—the checklist would then be attached to the member’s profile.
  5. Dynamic repeating sections. Instead of writing the same sections in your checklist templates, make any section dynamic and let your users add as many sections as needed.
  6. Collaborate with your team on shared checklists and assign tasks to any question to immediately address issues. You can also discuss issues in real time with our instant messenger.
  7. Complete checklists on and offline on any iOS or Android device. Checklists can also be shared as PDFs.
  8. On Risk Memo, you can link your account to your inspector’s account. The inspector can access relevant data, complete checklists, assign tasks to your employees and automatically share the completed checklist with your account.

These 8 examples are just a few of the best bits. We love seeing businesses integrate digital checklists into their daily operations - over 3000 checklists were completed on Risk Memo in April 2024 alone!

I’d love to chat more about these and other features of the Risk Memo. Feel free to book a free demo call with me here (https://calendar.app.google/ieU3dGz2dpq285e78) or drop me an email at alistair@riskmemo.com

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