“Risk Memo makes managing our PPE and staff assessments a breeze, even though we operate across two continents”

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Health and safety is a team effort, which is why we set out from the start to find a pricing structure that doesn't hold you back from adding your entire team.

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Easy-to-use checklist template builder

Design your own templates, or copy one of ours

We're adding inspection, health & safety and employee training and assessment templates to our library every week that you can copy and edit as you please.

Simple design

Our template builder makes it easy to create and edit clear and simple-to-use checklists. Checklists are fully customisable with 9 different question types, and instruction blocks to add headings, images and bullet points to help guide your team.

Evidence images

A picture paints a thousand words. Within a checklist, you can ask for your team to add pictures with a picture question, or they can attach images to most question types. Inspectors can also annotate (draw and write on) images to explain issues further.


On most question types inspectors can create actions (tasks) and assign them to themselves or members of their team. All actions are classified as critical, time-critical or non-critical and we'll also send you notifications when they're completed or become overdue.

Search your data in seconds

Your entire inventory at your fingertips

With our checklist and equipment search tag system, you'll never have to think about folder structures or excel spreadsheets again.

No more folders

People and equipment move around, that's why ridged filing structures are difficult to maintain. We use a search tags system instead because you can be a bit loosey-goosey and simply tag your equipment with keywords that make sense.

Multiple locations

If your business has multiple locations we've got you covered. Your team can be assigned to one or multiple locations and they will only have access to equipment at those locations. Admins or account owners have access to everything.

Super fast search

Just want to know how many harnesses you have spare at head office? Simply search "head office", "harness" and "spare", or any other combination of tags that make sense for you, and we will show you your inventory in seconds.

Automated record keeping

We've got history, you and I

We'll log every edit, status change and checklist that gets added to equipment or team member records so you know exactly what's happened when and by whom.

Safety alerts

If an item of equipment is flagged with a "time-critical issue" (meaning the item is safe for use but may become unsafe after a certain amount of time) we'll send out a safety alert to your team when the item is potentially unsafe for use.

What the status

Every equipment record has a status or "safe for use", "time-critical issue", "do not use", "unchecked" and "missing". In combination with search tags, use this feature to flick through the current status of any segment of your inventory.

More than equipment

Risk Memo works just as well for human resource related checklists as it does for equipment. Attach one or multiple team members to HR, training or assessment checklists and they'll be attached to their Risk Memo profile.

Decades of health & safety inspection experience

And this is just the beginning

Below are a few other reasons to choose us, but this is us just getting started. Book a demo if you'd like to learn more about the health & safety paperwork we plan to digitise next.

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Easy to use

Our checklist components are simple and intuitive, making it easy to start with minimal employee training.

Customised reports

Every checklist report has a title page with your logo, author details and company address.

Take stock

We'll keep count of every equipment type you add to our system so you can keeps tabs at a glance.

Works offline

We designed our iOS and Android apps to be "offline first" i.e. to work offline as well as it does online.

Top-level security

We use the latest Google-backed technology to store your data and authenticate users.

Dynamic sections

Add repeating blocks of questions to your checklists for repeating procedures.

Share reports

Share a checklist report link with anyone with a Risk Memo account, or download a pdf.

Blazingly fast

Our app uses the latest technology making it lightweight and really, really, fast.

Are you an inspector?

If you are an inspector with clients that may benefit from using Risk Memo, you may be eligible for our Affiliate Program which will get you free access to Risk Memo and a discount for your clients.

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