A better way to manage employee & equipment checks, because

paperwork simply doesn't work.

Forget endless folders, files, forms and excel spreadsheets. They don't work because your procedures, equipment, and people are dynamic. Risk Memo links checklists to equipment and people and keeps a log of everything. Simple.

An inspection, task management, inventory and employee record-keeping platform
all rolled into one simple and easy-to-use system


Create dynamic, media rich, checklists suitable for almost any procedure, or copy one from our library


Flag issues highlighted during your checklists, assign actions to your team and track their progress


Attach and edit equipment records within checklists to easily keep an inspection history of every asset


Attach training and HR checklists to your team to keep a record of your most important asset


Design your own checklists

Or copy one from our Template Library. Create easy-to-use, dynamic, media-rich checklists suitable for almost any business.

Multiple choice questions, image, location and more

Draw, type and add shapes to images.

Pin your inspectors' location with Google Maps.

Sign a checklist with digital signatures.

Keep a record of any asset

Recording assets that change and move around on paper or excel simply doesn't work. Let us do the record-keeping, so you can focus on the checks.

Log any asset, from vacuum cleaners to vehicles.

Your team is your biggest asset, attach HR checklists to their free team member account.

Track time-critical issues with automatic alert notifications.


Link it all together

Say goodbye to folders. Instead, with our search tag system, you can search, organise and segment your data any which way you like.

View any segment of your equipment inventory in seconds.

Index your checklists by tagging responses.

Add multiple assets to one checklist, or vice-versa.

Assign and track actions

Add actions (tasks) to checklist questions, assign them to your team and receive notifications when they've been completed or become overdue.

View all open tasks in one dashboard.

Add notes, evidence images and due dates.

View actions and their status within checklist reports.


Because health & safety is a team effort

Collaborate with your entire team, for free

We understand that you need your whole team on board, which is why we've made team member accounts free, forever. Instead, we'll only charge you for active equipment and senior employees.

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