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Digitise Checklist & Equipment Paperwork

Digitise and enhance your Checklists, Procedures, PPE Inspections and Equipment Records. Ditch the paper forms and Excel spreadsheets and automatically keep a log of everything.

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Risk Memo isn't a new Health & Safety Management System that your team has to learn from scratch; it's your existing forms and procedures digitised and enhanced.


Enhance your paper forms and procedures with images, geo-location, digital signatures, dynamic sections and more


Flag issues, assign actions to your team, comment and track progress, share evidence and receive notifications


Link equipment records to checklists to automatically keep an inspection log of everything, from PPE to infrastructure


Link HR checklists to employee profiles to keep a training & assessment record of your most important asset

"Risk Memo has become essential to everyday operations, from documenting our site visits to forklift checks back at the warehouse. I highly recommend it! All my staff have access to the checklists they need on their phones, even offline, which is important for us when on site visits, they don't have to worry about filing paperwork and have found it easier to use than our previous paper-based system."

"Capstone Inspections fully endorses Risk Memo as a go-to checklist software. It's straightforward to use, has all the features we need to produce compliant reports, and the ability to link to my clients' accounts to share checklist templates and reports separates Risk Memo from all the other options we've tried."

"After trialling many auditing and equipment management software solutions, we have been on the hunt for an all-in-one solution that we can customise to get the exact information we want from each inspection,  checklist and staff training report. Currently, we have over 30 instructors using Risk Memo to manage safety, quality control, and inspect equipment. We love the control our managers get from this app-based solution and the professional look of the end-user reports."

"Risk Memo has revolutionised safety equipment management and legal checks at Nuclear Races, significantly enhancing our ability to keep our guests safe. The system's remarkable versatility and intuitive interface have streamlined numerous aspects of our business operations. Furthermore, by providing access to all team members, Risk Memo ensures that our entire staff has the essential information at their fingertips"

"Risk Memo has significantly enhanced Zipit's equipment and safety management processes. The user-friendly interface and customisable features of the system made for seamless integration into the business. Furthermore, Risk Memo has empowered our teams by facilitating the ability to report, notify and action findings in real time. Overall, Risk Memo is a perfect solution for operators looking to enhance operational efficiencies."

"Notts Outdoors uses Risk Memo for all of our equipment and structural checks.  Checklists are very easy  to set up and edit and all of our staff find the system intuitive and much quicker and easier to use than previous systems we have had.  Risk Memo’s pricing structure sets them apart from other systems on the market.  I can give all of my staff user accounts at no additional cost which made it far easier and cheaper to fully integrate Risk Memo into our procedures."

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Risk Memo Checklist Templates Screen

Digitise Your Checklists

Convert your paper forms with our easy-to-use template builder, or copy one from our library

All the question types you'll ever need

Add repeating sections dynamically

Annotate on evidence images

Geo-location, signatures, collaboration and more

Record Your Equipment

Log any physical asset, from fire extinguishers, PPE, vehicles and infrastructure

Log items by unique id and scan by QR code

Search and segment equipment data by tag

Automatically logs every edit to the item's history

Track issues with automatic alert notifications

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Risk Memo Checklist Screen

Link It All Together

Attach equipment and/or employees to checklists to automatically keep a log of everything

Automatic item and employee checklist history

Export checklists to pdf

Complete checklists offline

Search and segment checklists by tag

Assign and Track Actions

Assign actions to your team, comment, share evidence images or files and stay notified

View all open tasks in one dashboard

Prioritise by non-critical, time-critical and critical

Add notes, evidence images and due dates

Add comments and share evidence images and files

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Because Health & Safety is a Team Effort

Collaborate With Your Entire Team

We understand that every team member plays a role in health and safety, which is why we've made team member accounts free

How Capstone Inspections helped shape Risk Memo

See how Europe's leading ropes course inspection body has helped shape and develop Risk Memo

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