"The reason Capstone Inspections decided to collaborate on and help build Risk Memo is simple. They needed it."

Paul Capper
Director & Type A Inspector


In this article you can read about how Alistair, CEO & Co-Founder of Risk Memo, and Paul Capper, Director of Capstone Inspections, applied their decades of experience to collaborate on and build Risk Memo.

Capstone Inspections

Capstone Inspections are Europe’s leading inspection body and provide independent and impartial certified inspections in accordance with EN15567, ISO17020-2012 and the LOLER regulations. In 2008 Capstone became a type A inspection body offering independent and impartial inaugural and annual inspections for ropes courses and adventure parks.

With close to 30 years’ experience, Paul is amongst the most experienced, accredited and highly qualified adventure ropes course inspectors in Europe, represents the UK on the European Standardisation Committee, and assisted in writing EN: 15567 (Part 1 & 2) and the UK Ropes Course Guide.

Risk Memo Development

The reason Capstone Inspections decided to collaborate on and help build Risk Memo is simple. They needed it.

Paul met Alistair in India whilst inspecting Flying Fox, a zip-line and high ropes course builder and operator in India and Kenya, at which Alistair is the Operations Director.

Both Paul and Alistair were using a combination of tools, from checklist apps to online docs, to manage various aspects of the same challenge - keeping a detailed log of thousands upon thousands of equipment, employee and ropes course checks.

With Paul as an advisor, Alistair built Risk Memo from the ground up with the help of Risk Memo Co-Founder Swarupa Vengurlekar, an app developer with a similar number of years experience in development as Alistair has in operations.

Throughout development Capstone Inspections has been putting the app through its paces, and the result is a simple solution that can apply itself to all aspects of the challenges Paul faces as an Inspector, and Alistair faces as an Operator.

How Flying Fox is using Risk Memo across continents

Flying Fox is where Alistair, Risk Memo CEO, earned his health & safety chops and started developing Risk Memo. In this case study we take a look at how Flying Fox utilises Risk Memo

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