"Risk Memo now plays a role in every part of our operations, from canvas checks to forklift inspections"

Matthew Stephenson
Managing Director

Event In A Tent

After 12 years of facilitating weddings, parties, festivals, and corporate events all over the UK and Europe, Event In A Tent is prepared for any occasion, size, or location. Based in North Wales, they provide tipi hire throughout the UK, Ireland, and Europe.

Event In A Tent was founded in 2010 by Niamh and Matt Stephenson when inspiration struck while planning their own wedding. Today, they provide four distinct types of tent for over 120 events annually.

Suitable for the warehouse and in the field

Managing operational health and safety can be a challenge with large tents that can accommodate hundreds of people erected at over 120 events annually throughout the UK and Europe. Matthew, his crew leaders, and employees all play a critical role in managing their clients' safety, from erecting the tents themselves, towing trailers, and working at height, both in the field and in their warehouse.

They also have many regulatory requirements concerning almost every element of their operations and thousands of pieces of equipment to ensure are safe for use. Previously, all their daily, weekly, monthly, and ad-hoc operational checks were performed on paper forms or recorded on Excel, making it difficult to onboard seasonal employees.

Matt, however, is committed to health and safety best practices and was keen to be one of the first to sign up to Risk Memo.

Matt outside his base of operations with dog Agnes

Risk Memo plays a role in almost every part of their operations, from daily forklift and vehicle safety checks to harness inspections and racking the equipment in their warehouse. Below are just a few examples:

Site visit checklist

Before every event, Matthew or one of his crew leaders will visit a site to ensure its suitability. With Risk Memo, which works just as well offline, he can now include images of the site, the geo-location of his device, and run through a simple checklist that covers potential issues such as overhead power lines and the distance to a power source.

Pre-trip trailer inspection

There are several things to consider when towing a large trailer, from the maximum allowable mass to functioning brake lights. Improper use and loading of a trailer can cause serious accidents, and even a traffic stop due to a broken light can cause costly delays. Their pre-trip trailer inspection checklist is used before every trip to prevent such incidents and is logged to the trailer's equipment record.

Canvas inspection

The canvases used on these giant tipis and dome tents are costly and the most visual element of their product. With Risk Memo, each canvas is logged in the system so that the inspection history is easily recorded and maintenance tasks are actioned upon as and when needed.

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