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Effective task management is crucial for maintaining health and safety standards in adventure centres. Risk Memo's integrated task management system, built around ‘actions,’ allows users to prioritise, assign, and track tasks seamlessly. Managers can assign tasks with detailed descriptions, set priorities, and due dates, and attach images and comments for clarity. Team members can flag issues, receive feedback, and verify task completion through the app’s instant messaging feature. The actions dashboard provides an overview of all tasks, ensuring proactive issue resolution and efficient collaboration.

Teamwork, dream work - all that stuff sure is true!

To operate confidently to health and safety standards, it takes dozens of daily tasks and plenty of periodic actions. At an operational level, this requires managers to prioritise tasks, assign duties to team members, provide timely feedback and necessary expertise, and ensure task completion. Similarly, team members must also be able to flag any observed issues and receive feedback on the action to take. Proactive checks, timely communication, and effective collaboration are the name of the game. 

Risk Memo offers a fully integrated task management system 

Building a checklist and equipment management app, we understood that an efficient task management system built into the app would multiply the app’s capabilities. And client reviews such as by Zipit Forest Adventures reinforce our belief - and make us so happy!

Task Management on Risk Memo: How it all works

Tasks on the Risk Memo app are called ‘actions’. For example, you may assign an action to resolve a maintenance issue during a daily visual inspection. 

Any user can assign actions to team members and include the following details:

  1. A description of the issue and action that should be taken.
  2. Priority: non-critical, time-critical, or critical.
  3. Assignee: the person responsible for completing the task.
  4. Due date (we can send notifications when actions become overdue)

You can also attach images, notes, and comments to help the assignor and assignee(s) understand the issue and the required course of action. 

Comments refer to our in-app instant messaging, a #RiskMemoAdvantage feature. In an action’s comments, you can also share files and evidence images to verify that the task has been completed.

With this system, the ‘action’ feature enables teams to proactively flag and resolve issues while keeping everyone responsible in the loop. Additionally, we will send out notifications when the status of the action changes or if it becomes overdue. 

All of these 'actions', whether attached to a checklist question or directly to an item of equipment, are displayed in the actions dashboard. This dashboard lets you easily get an overview of actions you created, actions assigned to you, and all comments.

I’d love to chat more about these and other features of the Risk Memo. Feel free to book a free demo call with me here ( or drop me an email at

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