Risk Memo: A New iAuditor Alternative

We can all agree that digital forms have huge advantages over paper forms, and I'm assuming that if you're reading this, you may be familiar with iAuditor and exploring the best alternative.

For those of you that are not familiar, iAuditor is a mobile inspection app that businesses from many different industries can use to conduct inspections, such as safety audits or periodic tasks. There are a few similar apps out there that focus on mobile forms as their core feature. If you're looking to streamline a business process with a digital form builder, but require the key features that free alternatives such as Google Forms, for example, don't have, iAuditor is a great app as are some of the many iAuditor alternatives.

However, we will argue that Risk Memo is the best iAuditor alternative mobile solution.

Risk Memo's key difference

The most unique feature of the Risk Memo mobile app; it is the only platform that links checklists to equipment and employee records so that you can log the inspection or checklist history of your assets.

Let's look at a specific use case to give an example of why this is a key feature for you to consider.

Flying Fox is a high ropes adventure activity operator with multiple zip line and high ropes locations across two countries. Two critical areas of operational safety for Flying Fox are maintaining their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and training and monitoring their activity instructors. As a part of the European Union standards they operate to, they are required to keep an inspection record of thousands of items of PPE and document the training and qualification of their instructors.

With Risk Memo, Flying Fox can create a simple equipment record for every item of equipment at each of their 6 locations to which any of their checklists can be attached. For example, EN15567 regulatory compliance requires an annual PPE Inspection and with Risk Memo the inspector can attach the items of equipment they have inspected to their checklist, automatically filing it to every record.

However, although this annual inspection might be the minimum requirement for LOLER (UK) or OSHA compliance (US), the local teams at Flying Fox also perform their own, more regular, PPE inspections. This is where Risk Memo has advantages even over enterprise asset management software because it allows you to create multiple custom checklist templates and attach them to multiple assets.

Along with Risk Memo's system for attaching equipment to checklists, you can also attach employees to checklists. Flying Fox has utilised this feature for their instructor training and assessment regime. Each month every instructor undergoes a number of internal assessments, such as activity session inspections and rescue assessments. Using the "People" question attaches the checklist to the instructor and allows easy tracking of the employee's entire training history.

If you are currently using paper documents, Google Sheets or even apps like iAuditor to log inspections on equipment and/or employees, you are likely going to find that Risk Memo gives the best experience because no other system has this ability to log multiple specific processes to every asset record.

The Price

iAuditor has a free version which includes up to 10 team members and the basics, including unlimited checklists. Their premium plan if you require more than 10 users is $24 per user per month, or cheaper when billed annually. Their premium plan also gives you access to greater control over account access and permissions, as well as extra features such as exporting checklist data to Excel.

Risk Memo has a 14-day free trial, but no free version, however, unlimited Team Member accounts that can complete checklists are free forever, so there is no barrier to adding your entire team. After the 14-day trial "Contributor" accounts, admin users or users that need greater access, are £9 per month, and "equipment packs" of 500 active records are £9 per month. As with iAuditor, there is a discounted rate for paying annually, rather than monthly.

For example, Flying Fox, who used to use iAuditor, was paying $790 per year plus an additional £1,300 for equipment inspection app papertrail.io, making a total of £1990 annually. With Risk Memo, they pay £1,151 annually, a saving of 42%, with the added benefit of being able to add their entire team to the app.

If you have a small team and don't need to log equipment inspections, iAuditor's free version may be right for you, otherwise, Risk Memo is better value.

The similarities between Risk Memo and iAuditor

Both iAuditor and Risk Memo are available on all iOS and Android devices and work offline. Currently, only iAuditor has a web version of their checklist app, this is coming soon to Risk Memo but for now, you are not able to complete a checklist in a web browser. However, completing checklists from a device is suitable for most.

Building and using checklists in iAuditor and Risk Memo function in much the same way, in terms of features and ease of use. They both have what have become standard question types for online forms, for example, multiple-choice, text or number input, geo-location, check box, image and signatures, and the user interface is also similar. Once your checklists are complete, both allow custom reports viewable online or downloaded to PDF.

Another similarity between the two is their "Actions" feature, which allows you to attach tasks, notes and images to any question in a checklist. This is particularly useful if your checklist has highlighted some corrective action that needs to be implemented.

When it comes to customer service, both offer in-app customer relationship management at no additional cost via a chat widget to communicate directly with their support teams during work hours. Risk Memo offers support uploading equipment data from an excel or csv spreadsheet, and iAuditor will help out with uploading your forms.

The differences

It's important to note that iAuditor is a well-established app, even reaching "unicorn" status having raised a $71m funding round and $1.6 billion valuation in 2021. Risk Memo is a new startup that launched in August 2022. However, the necessity for innovation in a new startup can have big benefits, not least evidenced by their brand new way to combine checklists with inventory management. With this in mind, let's look at the differences:

iAuditor's "Heads Up" is a relatively new feature that is effectively a group announcement system combined with instant messaging. This allows you to announce issues or hazards to your team via video, whilst tracking who has acknowledged it.

iAuditor does not have an inventory management system. In fact, Risk Memo's system of attaching employees and equipment to digital checklists to keep a recorded inspection history is unique among all checklist apps.

Where iAuditor does excel is their analytics tools on their premium plan. This provides a suite of tools to analyse the data collected from your checklists and can be very useful if you need to spot trends and make data-driven decisions.

Which should you choose?

Both Risk Memo and iAuditor iOS and android apps are built to a very high standard, are secure, provide a great deal of value and are in general among the best apps out there to digitise business processes. To help you make your decision we're going to look at three cases:

Small business / individual use

If you are an individual or part of a small team that needs to digitise a few forms and doesn't have a lot of assets to keep track of, the free version of iAuditor is definitely the way to go.

Businesses with safety-critical equipment

If regulations or particular standards require you to keep an inspection or checklist history of large amounts of equipment or assets, Risk Memo is without a doubt the app for you.

Enterprise level businesses

If analysing large amounts of checklist data is your main objective, or your business is at an enterprise level, we recommend iAuditor for now, but keep an eye on Risk Memo as they add new features.

Start your 14 free trial

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