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Recording equipment and employee history can be complex, especially for adventure centers using paper forms or Excel. Risk Memo simplifies this by providing a flexible digital solution to automate record-keeping. The app allows you to convert forms into digital checklists, attach equipment and employee records, and use the Search Tag System for easy segmentation and search. This ensures comprehensive and automatic documentation of inspections, training, and assessments, making the process intuitive and cost-effective.

Thousands of pieces of equipment, dozens of team members, multiple locations, and many regular health and safety checks—logging it all becomes a complicated task, especially if done using paper forms or Excel.

The top reasons why most adventure centres use these solutions are:

  1. There isn't a single digital solution that’s flexible enough to record different aspects of the business, such as PPE inspections and operational checks, such as daily course inspections and instructor assessments. This means having to use multiple apps, which is problematic because…
  2. Available solutions are cost-prohibitive for most operators.

The result? Maintaining records on paper forms and Excel. That was my story as an operator in India, and it's why I built the Risk Memo app.

Here’s how the Risk Memo app maintains an automatic record:

  • Once you sign up (it’s free!), we upload your equipment data for you.
  • You convert your existing forms into digital checklists on the app. Here’s a detailed look at what our checklists can do.
  • Attach one or multiple digital equipment records to your checklists. The checklist will be logged into that equipment’s history.
  • Similarly, there is the option to attach People, which will log the checklist to a team member's profile. This will maintain training and assessment records for your team.
  • Another app feature, the Search Tag System, allows you to segment and search checklists easily. Add a ‘Select from Option’ question type or a ‘Text Input’ question type to your checklist to use this feature. We cover these question types here, and here is an article about the Search Tag System.

By linking equipment and employees to checklists, you automate record-keeping. Checklists are infinitely customisable to your business’ needs, intuitive to set up, and simple to use. 

These capabilities, along with Risk Memo’s pricing structure and free Team Member accounts, allow you to integrate digital record-keeping into all facets of your business. 

I’d love to chat more about these and other features of the Risk Memo. Feel free to book a free demo call with me here ( or drop me an email at

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