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Managing multi-location teams in the adventure industry requires seamless communication and collaboration. Risk Memo addresses this by integrating communication with checklist, equipment, and task management. The app allows team members to attach actions to checklist questions or equipment, use instant chat for quick issue resolution, and receive push notifications to stay updated. Additionally, linking equipment to checklists creates a digital record, while external collaboration features streamline interactions with inspectors. Risk Memo ensures efficient team communication and collaboration, making it an all-in-one solution for adventure center operations. Book a free demo or contact us at alistair@riskmemo.com to learn more.

We come from different places in the outdoor adventure industry

Quite literally! Let us explain. A particular scenario may be familiar to you; some of your team members work from the office, others work on-site, and some may do a combination of both. This scenario gets multiplied for as many locations as you operate from.

How do multi-location teams collaborate?

Most business operations benefit from consistent communication across and between teams. So, while team members may operate from different contexts, there’s a constant need to communicate: brainstorm, touch base, flag issues and seek responses, ask for guidance, share feedback, and verify progress on assigned tasks. 

Another shared feature you’re likely to be familiar with is resource consciousness: While we may opt for specialised digital solutions for aspects like compliance, things like communication may get outsourced to existing media like email, WhatsApp etc. And while that works, we think there’s a more intuitive way: by being able to integrate communication right within task performance.

Risk Memo integrates communication with checklist, equipment and task management

We built Risk Memo as a solution to the challenge of managing thousands upon thousands of pieces of equipment. As we built the app, though, we realised that this task is done only by designing for several other capabilities, collaboration being one of them. More specifically, to facilitate communication within the team at a daily operational level and also make collaboration with external stakeholders a part of the same app.

In the following sections, we first describe how Risk Memo helps streamline team conversations. We then explain the app’s feature that links an inspector’s Risk Memo account to yours and the resultant capabilities.

Risk Memo and team communication

We’ve designed most of the app's features to improve communication. That is one of the ideas behind free team member accounts, for instance. Some features have been built to directly enable communication. Let’s see those now. 

On the app, an ‘action’ can be attached to checklist questions or directly to equipment records and assigned to the relevant team member. For example, one of your instructor's spots issue during daily checks. They can create an ‘action’ on the app in which they describe the issue, set a priority level and attach an image of it to provide evidence and more clarity, link the appropriate asset from the inventory, and assign it to the person responsible for taking action. Additionally, they can assign a deadline

Furthermore, use the in-app instant chat feature to communicate about the issue quickly. When the assignee starts working on the task, they can change the ‘Status’ from ‘Not started’ to ‘In Progress’ and mark it as ‘Complete’ once it is done. 

Every time a comment is added or the status of an action changes, the app sends push and email notifications to keep everyone in the loop. You can also view all open tasks on a single dashboard in the app.

One well-received communication feature of the app is sharing evidence files (images, videos) and annotating images. The inability to add evidence files in Excel motivated me to design this!

Other app features keep everyone involved in the loop too. For example, when you link an item of equipment to a checklist, the app automatically logs the checklist to that equipment’s history, creating a digital record that can inform new team members. This linking also records which team member performed the check.

Now, let’s see how Risk Memo’s external collaboration feature makes it the all-in-one solution for a checklist, equipment and employee management app, and task management app. 

Risk Memo and external collaboration

Regular external inspection and consultation are as integral to an operation's health & safety as the team itself. Risk Memo connects the two.

When you connect your company’s Risk Memo account to your inspector’s Risk Memo account, your inspector can access the necessary data seamlessly. This allows them to access your equipment data and assign actions. Completed checklists will be shared with you automatically, which you can export as PDF (as you can all checklists). I have seen how inspector-client relationships tend to be long-lasting, and this feature does streamline the entire inspection process. Report-making and sharing becomes integrated with the inspection process itself. That, is another loved feature!

I’m a big fan of collaboration, and I’d love to chat about how Risk Memo fits your organisation’s goals. Please feel free to book a free demo call with me here (https://calendar.app.google/ieU3dGz2dpq285e78) or drop me an email at alistair@riskmemo.com or a message on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alistair-gunn-scott 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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