Pricing Policy

Pricing structure

We understand that effective health and safety is a team effort and therefore it is a core value of ours that there is no barrier to including your entire team in Risk Memo. To ensure this, we will always have a free Team Member account that can complete checklists and actions.

We currently charge for the following:

Price increases

We have a fixed annual price increase policy of 8% per year. This increase takes effect from the 1st of August each year and accounts for inflation and improvements to our product and services.

In addition to the fixed annual price increase, we may charge for access to new features introduced after you have signed up. However, we will always provide a minimum of 3 months' written notice, plenty of reminders and the option to opt out.

Refund guarantee

For the following month after converting from a trial to paid account, we guarantee that we will provide a 100% refund, no questions asked (although we might ask for some feedback so we can improve). This, including our 14-day free trial, provides 6 weeks of risk-free use of Risk Memo.

Are you an inspector?

If you are an inspector with clients that may benefit from using Risk Memo, you may be eligible for our Affiliate Program which will get you free access to Risk Memo and a discount for your clients.

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